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SEF Consulting Services

SEF’s Consulting services help our clients identify and maximize investment and business opportunities in Somalia and the Horn of Africa through in-depth research and analysis. Our consulting engagements and project work generally focus on the following areas;

  • Natural Resources and Oil & gas
  • Banking and Finance
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Political and Regulatory challenges
  • Telecoms and ICT

SEF Consulting partners with financial and strategic investors, bilateral donors, communications, private equity investors and infrastructure funds, governments, regulators, and service and content providers. We deliver tangible benefits to clients across various sectors of Somalia’s growing economy.

SEF’s sector specialists and analysts understand the distinct local challenges facing our clients, in addition to the wider effects of global forces. Our understanding of emerging markets in East Africa is unmatched in depth. We are future-focused and help clients understand the challenges and opportunities that investment opportunities and new technologies bring.

At SEF, our dedicated team of analysts track and forecast the different services accessed by consumers and enterprises. As such SEF offers both B2C and B2B Consulting engagements.

We offer our clients detailed insight into the sectors and verticals they plan to invest in. Our Consulting engagements incorporate market sizing, pricing strategy, competitor analysis and Business Plan Due Diligence.

With SEF’s Consulting Services, our clients can ensure they remain in the driving seat.

  • Clients benefit from regular and timely intelligence and access to crucial data
  • Clients can leverage our economic viability analysis and asset valuation expertise
  • Direct access to our analysts
  • Custom Research requests

If you are interested in SEF's Consulting Services, please email the SEF Consulting team at and we shall be in touch immediately.

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