Somali Economic Forum is Independent organization committed to improving the state of Somalia.
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SEF is currently involved in the formulation and implementation of many exciting projects across several sectors ranging from the services and microfinance sector to agriculture. It is this breadth and depth of projects and economic expertise related to Somalia’s economy that has enabled SEF to institute various key projects.

Private Sector Projects - At SEF we aim to work with domestic Somali firms & international firms in order to promote best business practice and to forge strategic partnerships with private sector firms to alleviate high levels of unemployment and to encourage innovation within the economy. SEF aims to do this by utilizing its expert team of researchers who are based abroad & on the ground in Somalia and can thus provide reliable, real time statistical data which is crucial to the success of business ventures within the economy.

Public Sector Projects - In addition, SEF aims to work in conjunction with international donors and partners in order to deliver critical projects that are crucial for job creation aswell as projects which act as a stimulus to the wider domestic economy within Somalia. In particular, SEF has fruitful and mutually beneficial relationships with various international institutions which enables it to access various networks that enable SEF projects to access institutional funding and expertise. In the long term; these projects will touch on various sectors and topics such as; labour markets within the country, alleviating youth unemployment and encouraging the transfusion of skilled workers within the economy.

At SEF our projects team can get in touch with you in order to assist in the institutional development and expertise required for your project. Please email us at  

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