Somali Economic Forum is Independent organization committed to improving the state of Somalia.
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SEF Media is the Somali Economic Forum's media outlet which covers news, report and current events. The objective of SEF Media consists of:

Deliver Business News – One of SEF Media’s principle aims will be its endeavour to deliver business news as well as covering relating current affairs.

Report on Business Event – SEF Media has access to a plethora of events on an annual basis, as such will report on the ins and outs of the proceedings. Moreover SEF Media will contribute SEF's evaluation/analysis and share it in real-time on our social media platforms.

Interviews – SEF Media will interview prominent figures from business leaders, academics, government representatives, ambassadors, and so forth. These interviews will be made available on SEF Media section of website in various formats both Video and Audio.

Broad cast current affairs on Somalia and the African continent - SEF Media will cover the news from across the globe, however as a subsidiary of the Somali Economic Forum SEF Media place special emphasis on the African continent and of course Somalia in particular.

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