Somali Economic Forum is Independent organization committed to improving the state of Somalia.
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The Somali Economic Forum (SEF) is an international and independent organization committed to fostering private sector development and economic growth in Somalia. SEF aims to do this through the facilitation of investment and producing detailed research into economic & financial trends within Somalia. The Somali Economic Forum engages investors, business leaders, multinational companies, academics and influential policymakers to foster business activity and Foreign Direct Investment within Somalia and abroad. SEF was established as a forum to foster sound Corporate Governance among companies working in Somalia. Through our sector economy reports, we also formulate strategies to institute national economic development. SEF has been evolving dynamically to reflect the changing economic landscape in the country & has established itself as the premier economic and financial institution focused on Somalia. As a result of its international focus, SEF has its European Head Office based in London and other hub offices across Somalia and also a North America Head Office based in Toronto, Canada. The Somali Economic Forum has become indispensable as a vehicle for private sector development and implementing corporate strategies to enable clients to get the best returns on their investments in Somalia's frontier market. SEF also focuses on the study of economic trends in Somalia and the wider Horn of Africa, incorporating the latest research, developments and trends stimulating business activity. Through its prestigious, annual Somalia Investment Summits (SIS) the Somali Economic Forum has succeeded in bringing together leading banking and finance executives, investors and business experts. SEF has succeeded in fostering strategic international partnerships in order to encourage Foreign Direct Investment and improving best business practices within Somalia. The Somali Economic Forum’s key objectives are varied and a principle objective is to attract Foreign Direct Investment to Somalia by promoting the Somali brand, informing global investors & multinational firms about the diverse investment and business opportunities available within Somalia. SEF has as its main principle; the desire to “bridge the gap” by connecting local Somali businesses with international investors and firms by improving the corporate governance environment.

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